Oil And Gas Permitting, Leasing, Surface Use Agreements

Permitting, Leasing, and the Agreements

At Cantafio Hammond, our Denver lawyers have been representing clients in the oil and gas industry since 1986. Our experience allows us to identify potential problems before they arise. Through careful negotiation and thorough, concise drafting, and our thorough understanding of the technologies used in the oil and gas business, we are able to create contracts that prevent many of these problems.

From our offices in Denver and Steamboat Springs, we serve a diverse base of oil and gas clients throughout Colorado, Utah and Wyoming, including businesses, ranchers and landowners. Our work involves private property as well as state property and federal property such as the Bureau of Land Management and the United States Forest Service.

Representation During Upstream Activities

Our firm provides comprehensive oil and gas industry representation during all upstream activities. Services include:

  • Negotiating and acquiring leases:
    • Oil and gas leases — An oil and gas lease is the core document in the industry. Our firm represents both lessors and lessees seeking to develop property through lease agreements.
    • Surface use agreements (SUAs) — SUAs are crucial to surface users and lessors. We craft thorough SUAs that protect mineral and surface rights owners’ interests.
    • Joint operating agreements (JOAs) — JOAs lay out the responsibilities and rights of each party to a project, including each party’s financial obligations.
    • Farmout agreements — These agreements are often used to ensure drilling occurs before the expiration of a lease.
  • Easements and rights of way —Representing industry and property owners gaining access to mineral rights can be a very contentious issue. We craft easements and rights of way that clearly dictate our clients’ rights and ensure they have access to their minerals and prevent wasted time and cost.
  • Permits — Acquiring permits from local, state and federal regulatory agencies can be challenging. We coordinate all necessary permits and ensure our clients are in compliance with applicable regulatory laws to prevent the delay and increased expense that arise when permits are denied or revoked.

Protect Your Financial Interests, Contact Cantafio Hammond

Negotiating leases and other agreements can be highly technical. Very few landowners possess the legal knowledge and experience necessary to ensure a legal document fairly allocates responsibilities, risks and rewards. At Cantafio Hammond, our attorneys are well-versed in the oil and gas industry; we consider all impacts of a proposed agreement to ensure there are no gaps that expose our clients to potential liability.

Attorney Ralph Cantafio is at the center of our oil and gas practice. In addition to his own industry knowledge, our firm often consults with environmental experts, surveyors, engineers, landmen, and other oil and gas professionals to ensure our clients’ financial and legal interests are protected.

For help with permitting, leasing and surface use agreements contact our Denver office at 720-515-5947 or our Steamboat Springs office at 970-367-4373 for a consultation. We are open Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. with after-hours appointments by request. Mr. Cantafio can be reached directly on his cellphone at 970-819-2371, but asks that you not call before 8 a.m. or after 10 p.m. Our firm accepts all major credit cards.