Protecting The Intellectual Property Rights Of Colorado Businesses

Trademarks are essential for businesses to identify themselves and their products or services. Trademarks, copyright, patent and trade secrets comprise Intellectual Property law generally, all of which can be used by businesses to protect their interests.

Occasionally, other businesses or individuals can infringe on a trademark holder's rights by using the trademark, or one confusingly similar, which can harm the trademark holder. With many businesses using on-line commerce through the Internet, infringing use of trademarks on the internet has become more and more prevalent.

Kieran has a breadth of experience assisting trademark holders in protecting their Intellectual Property rights from infringement by their competitors. Many times the infringing user may be unaware of the infringement, and can be educated in a simple cease and desist letter. However, when the parties cannot agree, the courts can be used to resolve the disputes regarding whether a use is, in fact, infringing.