His attention to detail is impeccable

Ralph has handled a few issues for me over the last few years. His attention to detail is impeccable and has made the difference for me in my dealings with his firm. Never late for a call or appointment, respectful of my time, and on point in every aspect of my case.
I found Ralph to be focused, friendly, and a great advocate. Ralph Cantafio is a great choice if you need counsel. Enough said. -Tim

Excellent attorney and firm!

Ralph and his great team have been our families trusted attorney for many years. His firm has always gone above and beyond in understanding and meeting our legal needs. Ralph Cantafio is respected by everyone in the community as an attorney, in business and also as a person. I would highly recommend him to anyone no matter what the issue. His knowledge and experience sets him above and beyond the competition! -Michelle

Professional and productive legal services

Ralph has represented my husband and my businesses for 5 years. He has guided us through multiple business transactions with effective, concise and productive negotiations. One of the many reasons we continue to retain Ralph for legal services is that we feel we get honest value in the time spent on our projects. His negotiations are direct, fair and produce results. We intend to rely on Ralph for legal services for many years to come. -Katy

Claire Dawson overall review

Great lawyer was very attentive and always kept us informed! When I would call she would immediately within the next few hours call back. Always had answers and even tried to help us with court issues in other states. I would highly recommend Claire to anyone who is in need or would want to make sure they can be well taken care of. -Joseph

Above and Beyond

Ms. Dawson helped me with a DUI matter during a very difficult time for my family. She was professional, knowledgeable and most all, she cared about me and my goals. I was more than satisfied with the results and she walked me through the case one step at a time. I highly recommend Ms. Dawson. -Kelly

Courteous, Helpful and Knowledgeable

Ms. Dawson represented me in a matter in the Boulder County system. She was responsive and informative from the very first correspondence. Letting me know exactly what she could help with, what she couldn't, and set realistic expectations of an outcome based on previous, similar experiences. Ms. Dawson was also prompt with follow up communications at each juncture of the case (new court dates, expected court notifications, etc.).

I would recommend Ms. Dawson for any legal matter in her wheel-house. She is capable, confident and diligent in her work and also has the ability to communicate and explain legal matters to your average lay-person like myself. -Dylan

Excellent, Very Knowledgeable and Cared about my Goals

Ms. Dawson represented me for DUI/traffic matters. She worked extremely hard and was very dedicated to my case. Because of her I was able to keep my driver's license and ultimately keep my job so I could support my family. If not for her representation I don't know where I'd be today. She is a wonderful attorney. -Client

I highly recommend Claire!

I hired Claire for a criminal matter I had and she did a fantastic job. She explained the process and it ended up going exactly how she said that it would. It was much different from other experiences I have had with attorneys and unfortunately I've had to deal with a few. – Tom

Thanks Claire!

Claire is very confident and professional at what she does. I had a very positive experience and feeling about her and I would recommend Claire to anyone. She's really good and I see her going very far in her career. Thank you Claire! -Nancy

Claire Dawson--5 stars

From the first meeting with Claire Dawson, I felt reassured, confident and comfortable. Usually picky, I knew Claire would be the attorney for me and hired her on the spot. Things only went uphill after that. In addition to being knowledgeable, reliable and professional (the qualities one might look for in their counsel), she is also straight forward, easy to talk to and humorous--to boot. Claire was a joy to work with. She was always quick to respond to any inquiries I had and almost always accessible. The sentence I received for my charge was quite pleasing. I was admittedly a bit worried before, but Claire took the fear away and delivered a deal that greatly exceeded my expectations. Prior to Claire, I had worked with 6-7 attorneys, achieving similar results with only one--a man who had 40+ years of practice. Going forward, should I need legal counsel, I will only work with Claire Dawson. -Zach