Providing Title Examination And Title Curative Services To The Oil And Gas Industry

Determining the owners of mineral and surface rights, as well as each party's rights and obligations regarding those properties is paramount during the exploration and production processes. When uncertainty regarding ownership arises, time delays can result in substantial loss of revenue.

At Cantafio Hammond in Denver, our firm has been representing clients in the oil and gas industry since the firm's founding in 1986. We understand the impact title defects have on our clients' ability to generate revenue and take all necessary steps to cure title and clear confusion regarding ownership rights. With offices located in Denver and Steamboat Springs, we represent individual landowners, leaseholders, and businesses throughout Colorado, Utah and Wyoming.

Determining Who Owns What

Whether negotiating an oil and gas lease or identifying royalty rights, knowing who owns a piece of mineral property and in what amount is crucial. Having a clear view of ownership, possession and royalty rights also assists during lease and royalty agreement negotiations, not to mention making royalty payments, securing bank loans and drafting division orders.

At Cantafio Hammond, we understand the many title and ownership challenges our oil and gas clients face and are sensitive to our clients' time and cost restraints. Our title services include:

  • Title examination and curative — Our attorneys perform all necessary due diligence during title examinations. We examine all relevant documents, including any encumbrances, deeds and government records, and take all necessary steps to cure title.
  • Ownership reporting — Our firm handles all ownership reporting to ensure our clients are in compliance with state and federal regulations.
  • Title opinions — Whether Drilling Opinions, Division Order Opinions, Drilling and Division Order Title Opinions, Lenders Opinions, or Acquisition Opinions. Our lawyers craft comprehensive and accurate title opinions that provide clarity regarding ownership.
  • Easements and access — Owning mineral rights and developing these mineral rights often depends on access. Whether a surface owner without mineral rights or mineral owners, access can be a major hurdle to land use.

Common Title Issues

Many items can cloud title and create confusion regarding ownership. Common property ownership disputes and title issues include:

  • Discrepancies in chain of title, acreage and names
  • Inaccuracies or discrepancies in land descriptions
  • Altered instruments
  • The presence of easements across land, including federal property
  • Liens, including judicial, mechanic's, deeds of trusts, mortgages and others
  • Fractional ownership interests
  • Divided surface and mineral ownership
  • Pooled ownership
  • Joint tenancies
  • Life tenancies
  • Probate-related issues

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