Complex Business Valuations In Divorce

When dealing with a divorce, property division is one of the most important and disputed matters. Couples facing a divorce in which one or both parties hold some business ownership interests have to deal with exceptionally complicated negotiations. It is critical to work with an experienced team of attorneys to help protect your financial interests.

At Cantafio Hammond, we are an experienced, sophisticated Denver, Colorado, law firm handling a range of family law and divorce matters, including business valuations in divorce and other complex property division matters. Our lawyers have more than 160 years of combined experience. With mountain values and urban savvy, we treat our clients with compassion and care, and we provide sophisticated, efficient legal solutions.

Complex Asset Divisions

Business ownership interests can be extremely complex. Agreeing on whether to liquidate or continue a business is only one of the concerns that arise early in the negotiations. Liquidating a business can be the simpler solution, but complications still remain in valuating and dividing the business's assets equitably. When the business continues operating, the complexities are increased, with difficulties involved with locating assets accurately, organizing accountings, uncovering hidden assets and balancing debts.

Our attorneys bring a sophisticated understanding of these legal determinations, with a diverse group of business attorneys and divorce lawyers on our legal team. We can work through the division of business interests in your divorce.

Whenever possible, we work through these complex issues through mediation, collaborative divorce and other nonlitigious means. But when this is not possible, our lawyers are experienced and prepared to fight for our clients' interests in the courtroom.

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