Modifying Your Divorce Orders In Colorado

It is not uncommon for circumstances of both parties or the children to change after a divorce is finalized. When this happens, it becomes necessary to petition the court to modify your divorce decree. While this is a common occurrence, the court will not approve a modification of this kind without a showing of a substantial change in circumstances, and the proposed modification needs to be equitable and in the best interests of the children.

If you are seeking a divorce modification in Denver, the attorneys of our firm can help. At Cantafio Hammond, we represent Colorado clients in a range of family- and divorce-related matters, including modifications of divorce orders. With more than 160 years of combined experience and a sophisticated approach to the practice of law, our attorneys can advise you of your rights, walk you through the process and help you obtain the results you need.

We help clients obtain and modify child support orders, parenting plans, spousal support orders and other aspects of their divorce decrees.

  • Child support: The costs associated with raising a child can rise significantly with increased medical expenses, learning disabilities, injuries and the like. When this happens, the order for support can increase. And when the paying spouse suffers job loss or other financial issues, the payment might need to be reduced.
  • Parenting plans: With job changes, relocation and other issues that can change parents' locations and schedules, it becomes necessary to change custody and parenting time arrangements.
  • Spousal support and maintenance: When the spouse receiving support gets remarried, starts earning higher income or in some other way experiences a substantial improvement in financial circumstances, spousal support may no longer be merited. Conversely, if the paying spouse loses a job, suffers a demotion or serious financial downfall, he or she might not be able to continue making spousal support payments.

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