Custody And Parenting Time In Denver

For every divorcing couple that has children, determining a custody and visitation schedule is one of the most complex and highly contested issues to arise in divorce. It is critical to work with an attorney who can help you through the process and make sure your interests and your children are protected.

At Cantafio Hammond, our attorneys have more than 160 years of combined experience serving Denver, Colorado, clients in custody, visitation, and other divorce and family law matters. We understand that these matters require personal care as well as sophisticated legal knowledge to make sure we get the best results possible for you and your family.

In the past, the courts would give primary physical custody to one parent and the other parent would get "visiting time." In recent years, however, the law has been leaning more toward equal time and authority, preferring parenting plans instead of primary custody and visitation. It is critical to come up with a parenting plan that will work for both parties and be in the best interests of the children in the eyes of the court.

Divorce And Parenting Plan Mediation

We try to work with divorcing couples to resolve parenting plan issues in mediation, collaborative divorce or other means of alternative dispute resolution. The primary benefit of this approach is that it can provide solutions that are more tailored to the family's unique schedules and other considerations. When these issues are argued in the courtroom, a judge will usually not be able to make a custody and visitation ruling that will accommodate the couple's and children's needs in the same way. This approach is also less contentious, more efficient and more cost-effective in many cases.

Of course, some divorces do not lend themselves to a nonlitigious approach of this kind. In these cases, we have the knowledge and experience to protect our clients' interests aggressively in the courtroom.

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