Equity In Colorado Child Support Determinations

Parents love their children. Even when they are divorcing each other, parents want to make sure their kids are provided for and taken care of financially. However, there are times when a spouse will not enter the child support negotiations in good faith, using it as an opportunity to gain a financial advantage. The paying spouse will do anything to minimize payments or the spouse to receive support for the children will try to get as much as possible. It is important in child support and divorce to work with a lawyer who can help you make sure your children receive the care they need while also making sure your own financial interests are not jeopardized in the process.

At Cantafio Hammond, we know how important and sensitive these determinations are to your future and the future of your children. With more than 160 years of combined experience representing Denver, Colorado, clients in all types of divorce and family law matters, our lawyers can help you gauge an accurate range for child support order and represent you in all negotiations and litigation to make sure you get the results you need. We also represent clients in enforcement of unpaid child support and post-divorce modifications of child support orders.

Determining Child Support In Colorado

Determining a range in which the court could rule for a child support order is relatively simple in Colorado. The number is based on an equation that takes into account the various parties' incomes, the number of children and other factors.

More importantly, an experienced attorney can petition the court to deviate from the standard recommendation from the child support guidelines. We can either ask the court for less or more, depending on your circumstances and needs.

Other important options are mediation, collaborative divorce and other forms of alternative dispute resolution, which can save time and cost while resulting in a more personalized outcome.

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