Alternative Dispute Resolutions In Family Law

While most divorces have traditionally been resolved through courtroom litigation and ultimately ruled on by a judge, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) has emerged in the past couple of decades as a less contentious but often more effective approach to resolving disputed matters in divorce. At Cantafio Hammond, we serve clients throughout the Denver, Colorado, area in all types of divorce-related matters, including ADR. Talk with an attorney from our firm about whether ADR is a good choice for you.

The Benefits Of ADR

For most people, using ADR instead of litigation provides a process that is:

  • More efficient: By eliminating the time-consuming court dates from the process, ADR usually results in a much more efficient process.
  • Less expensive: In many cases, since there is less time spent and minimized court costs, divorcing parties find that ADR is much less expensive than divorce litigation.
  • More private: Resolving the issues behind closed doors rather than in a public courtroom is much less invasive on families and more protective of children.
  • More favorable: Many divorcing couples find that they are able to come up with more personally tailored outcomes through ADR than they would if they let a judge make these decisions for them in litigation.


Mediation is the process by which two disputing parties try to come to an agreement on how to resolve the dispute without litigating the issue. Each side can be represented by an attorney if they choose, and there is also a mediator who serves as a neutral facilitator.

At Cantafio Hammond, we can represent you as you go through the mediation process, and we also have two certified mediators on our team who can provide mediation services in a neutral capacity.

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is a process that takes mediation one step further. The parties agree to make every effort to resolve their divorce-related disputes through this form of mediation, and the attorneys agree that they will not continue representing their clients if they are unable to come to resolution and the case needs to go to litigation. This ensures that everyone is invested in the process and committed to doing whatever it takes to find resolution.

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