Adoption Representation In Colorado

Adoption is a way for a family to increase its joy and provide a stable home for a child. It is a wonderful process, but it is also a challenging process legally. It is important to secure representation from a firm you can trust when entering into the adoption process.

At Cantafio Hammond, we serve clients in Denver, Colorado, in all types of adoptions. With more than 160 years of combined legal experience and a firm commitment to giving our clients personalized, dedicated service, we are known for our mountain values and urban savvy. While we take great pains to treat our clients with compassion and care, we know the law and we focus on efficient, effective legal solutions.

Our legal team can help you with any type of adoption, including:

  • Stepparent adoptions: When one of the spouses remarries after a divorce, it is common for the children to bond with the new spouse and the family wants to make it official through a stepparent adoption. This requires some form of termination of parental rights from the other parent, which can be challenging. Our lawyers understand the process, and we can help you obtain a stepparent adoption.
  • International and other complicated adoptions: Some people choose to adopt a child from another country, from a troubled home or from an economically depressed situation. Regardless of your needs, our lawyers can help you through the process and find the legal solutions you need to adopt a child.
  • Adoptions for nontraditional families: We also represent clients in nontraditional marriage and other relationships in adopting children.

It is important to know upfront that adopting a child can be a drawn-out, challenging process. Social workers will most likely do extensive background checks, home visits and other intrusive measures to make sure you are fit to adopt a child. If you are willing to go through that process, our attorneys will be with you every step of the way.

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