Denver Attorneys Protecting You Against Domestic Violence Charges

Society has long been concerned about protecting people from domestic violence, and it should be. But what if you have been charged with domestic violence? Who will protect you, make sure you get a fair trial, make sure you don't unjustly lose the right to see your children?

We will.

At Cantafio Hammond in Denver, Colorado, we have been defending clients against all types of criminal charges, including domestic violence, since the firm's founding in 1986. Defense against these charges is as important to us as it is to you. Our attorneys provide legal representation marked by mountain values and urban savvy. This means that we will treat you with compassion and respect, but our service doesn't stop there. As kind as we are to our clients, we are equally aggressive in protecting their rights in the courtroom.

Challenges With Domestic Violence Claims

Domestic violence is a criminal charge that brings its own set of unique challenges, including:

  • A unique first response: Whether you have been accused of spousal abuse, child abuse or other forms of domestic violence, the first thing the police do in these cases is separate the accused from his or her family. In almost every DV call, someone ends up in jail at least for the night. This is unusual in most criminal cases.
  • The court of public opinion: Even if the accusations against you were intentionally falsified (which is not unusual, unfortunately) or based on an overreaction from a neighbor — even if your actions were not at all what would be considered domestic violence — just being charged with the crime often leads people to assume you are guilty. This can hinder your career and your future in the community, even if the case is ultimately dismissed.
  • The nature of the consequences with conviction: If you are convicted of domestic violence, in addition to the fines and jail time you might receive, it is likely that a restraining order could be brought against you so that you could not see your spouse or children for years to come.

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