How We Fight And Mitigate Penalties

The consequences of a DUI can be severe. Whether this is your first offense or one of many, it is critical to minimize DUI penalties as much as possible. At Cantafio Hammond, our DUI defense lawyers have been defending clients in Denver, Colorado, against DUI and other criminal charges since 1986.

In every DUI case we handle, our attorneys:

  • Prepare: No matter what happens down the road, the most important first step in a case like this is to prepare the best defense strategy possible from the start. Our lawyers look into all of the facts, every shred of evidence and every page of the police record to uncover any issue that might bolster a client's case.
  • Talk with the prosecutor: We use the case we've built and then talk with the prosecuting attorney. In some cases, we are able to show that our case is strong and that the prosecutor will not win. In these cases, reduced charges and sometimes a dismissed case is the result.
  • Utilize an intelligent defense strategy: Our experience makes us adept at assessing our clients' cases. We know when to plea down and when to fight it out in court.
  • Seek alternative sentencing: There are a number of options available for those charged with DUI, especially first-time offenders, that could minimize the fines and jail time.

At Cantafio Hammond, our attorneys do everything we can to make sure our clients get the best outcome possible in DUI defense cases.

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