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Mountain Values...Urban Savvy

Many people think you can only have it one way or the other: either a law firm is welcoming and friendly, but too nice to practice law consistent with the highest standards of performance, or it is sophisticated and competent in the most complex litigation matters, but cold as far as client relationship.

At Cantafio Hammond, you can have it both ways. Our mountain values come from our roots in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, yet we have had a primary office in Denver for years, both handling a range of complex transactional and litigation matters from divorce, personal injury and criminal defense to oil and gas, real estate and business.

The origins of the Cantafio Hammond law firm began all the way back in 1982, when they became friends as fellow law students in Boulder, Colorado. We went on to practice very different areas of law in our respective careers. Kris practicing criminal defense and personal injury primarily, and Ralph focusing his legal work primarily on oil and gas industry representation, as well as commercial and civil litigation.

Although we began discussing a partnership more than 20 years ago, and it wasn't until 2015 that the various contingencies fell into place to form Cantafio Hammond. See a detailed history of Cantafio Hammond.

Diverse, Comprehensive Legal Solutions

Our legal team brings a uniquely diverse and broad spectrum of legal disciplines, which helps us provide exceptional representation. Because many areas of the law intersect and influence each other, the services a law firm provides should be equally intertwined.

Our lawyers use our experience in diverse practice areas to foresee complications or roadblocks that firms with more specialized practices often fail to see. Rather than limiting the scope of our involvement to just one or two practice areas, we provide clients with comprehensive legal solutions.

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