60 Seconds with an Attorney: Claire Dawson

DUI in COLORADO: Driver's License ConsequencesClaire

Your driver's license is considered a privilege in the State of Colorado. Whenever you are charged with a DUI in Colorado and you have a BAC (Blood or Breath Alcohol Content) of 0.08 and above, two separate processes begin.

The first process is the judicial process. During the Judicial process you will appear in court and you may ultimately enter a plea or end up in a jury trial. You maintain all of your constitutional rights during the judicial process. Potential consequences vary, but with a DUI some of those potential consequences include: fines and court costs, alcohol treatment, monitored sobriety, probation and/or jail time.

The second process is the DMV process. This is an administrative process and involves your privilege to obtain a Colorado Driver's License. The DMV process consists of a one-time hearing to determine whether or not your privilege to drive will be revoked. You do not maintain your constitutional rights during the administrative DMV process. The length of a DMV license revocation will vary in length depending upon the circumstances of your case.